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  As heard on"Charmed"  Netflix, "Smallville" CW, and ABC's Award Winning mini-series: "Hopkins". Tune in this spring to hear Elza's  music on Season 4 Episode 403 of "Ruby & the Well".

APP Photography

Music brings joy to our lives sometimes when nothing else can. I wanted to let ya'll know that I have a single coming out on June 14th that I wrote during a gut wrenchingly painful time while I was battling with CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) While I was retraining myself to walk again, this song poured out of me.  It's like nothing I've ever written before.  I absolutely CANNOT wait for you to hear it and to possibly share some much needed hope to those living with CRPS or any type of chronic pain.  Thanks for joining this Gen X'r, mom of twins, CRPS Warrior "COME BACK STORY"!!! Are you ready?!!! Let's go!!!!

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